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Thanks jean-paul for this one:

Today I found out that Dell offers USB 1.x drivers for NT 4.0 with it's newest laptops ( D600 ). I just tested this on a Compaq machine and it works flawlessly ! A breakthrough if you ask me. I tried several USB for NT 4.0 solutions before but they weren't easy to use, gave bluescreens or they missed essential functionality.

It is a *very* strange experience to see NT 4.0 recognizing USB memorykeys, mice and such the first time. Yes ,you can hotplug devices and see them directly detected by Windows NT...

The driver package is called R62200.exe and installs several drivers. I wouldn't check Edgeport drivers as they are intended for that particular device only. Mass storage devices as USB CDRom drives, external USB harddisks and USB cdwriters are supposed to work too, I have not tested this. I truely wonder if CD writing programs support this feature.

I did test with a USB mouse, an external USB floppydrive and a 64 mb USB memory-key ( had to assign a driveletter to it and format it though ) and they worked right after plugging them in. Now only if I would have a NT 4.0 driver for my USB scanner...