Ebay and Paypal

Anyone here use paypal service? I wish to start using it but want some feedback on its performance, reliability, etc. I would like to start using ebay. .

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Anyone here use paypal service? I wish to start using it but want some feedback on its performance, reliability, etc. I would like to start using ebay.

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No problems here, only minor complaint is that it generally takes 4-5 days for PayPal funds to xfer to my bank account, but no problems or major complaints here.


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I use it quite a bit and It's always been fast and reliable.


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From a Merchant of PayPal: (my work)
Our company uses PayPal - but no longer as of Nov 25th as they are not allowing online gaming transaction to go through.,
they are fast and reliable - their support suxs of course.
Also - E-checks - If a player has only a bank account associated to paypal and sends you money, it takes 4 days min. for those funds to clear PayPal before you receive them HOWEVER! paypal sends a lovely email to the custmer saying the money was sent and u have it already - when it fact u don't and wont for a min of 4 days.
Paypal u are not insured on charge backs either - so if someone sends u money, they can go to their CC company - fight it, get it back, and then paypal takes the money back from you. no questions asked.
Their fee's are redecent.
You may also want to check out Neteller - www.neteller.com - they do charge fees for transactions - NETeller DOES cover chargebacks - so if someone does a charge back - they pay for it, not you.
u also have www.firepay.com - but unless they have changed their veriofitcaiont system don't bother - as you are no insured from chargebacks.
i don't know if neteller or firepay are accepted on ebay - but since E-bay just bought PayPal - u are best to go with PayPal for transfering funds.


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I have used Ebay for about 3 years. It has been overall a good experience.
Certain things you should know. To be covered by the Seller Protection Plan, you must follow the specific instructions found on Paypal site to the letter.
You must ship to CONFIRMED ADDRESS. You must ship within seven days. You must have signature of buyer verifying receipt of goods. You must have online tracking of package. Visit the Paypal site for more info.
Please note the Paypal Protection Plan does not protect you from chargebacks.
Another thing to bear in mind is that if there is a dispute with regard to a particular transaction, the funds relating to that transaction will be frozen in your Paypal account until investigation is resolved.
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I've used both for something like five or six years and never had a problem with either. PayPal usually has the funds transfer to bank account, if I transfer, in two working days or less.
I've never had a bad transaction with eBay, either....as either a buyer or a seller. I've even ordered from Thailand and Japan with no problems. Caution is the word.....check feedback. It's not unusual to see two or three negatives out of a thousand feedbacks, as you can't ever make everyone happy....read the feedbacks, if you have questions. See what other buyers and sellers have to say. Keep communications open with the buyer or seller....don't hesitate to ask questions and expect reasonable answers.
I don't think you'd be disappointed with either.