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8StartButton 1.1.0 has been released. 8StartButton is not just a start screen button for Windows 8, it is a full start button with a full new start menu.

Three start menus
Access the new 8StartButton start menu, the Windows 8 apps screen, or the Windows 8 start screen with a regular left mouse button click

Fully integrating
Get back what Microsoft skipped: a start button + start menu fully integrated into Windows 8

Highly customizable
Customize your start button with in-build images, or use your own button skins

Fully configurable
Change the in-build start menu buttons' appearance, images, and commands, change tile order, add additional tiles

Full control
Full control over Windows 8 with the included quick access buttons

[License: Freeware| Requires: Win 8 | Size: 15.5 MB]
  8StartButton 1.1.0 released