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OCWorkbench has posted a BIOSTAR IDEQ 200P Athlon64 SFF review

We have seen a number of Athlon 64 board reviews on OCW. ALi M1687 Reference board, Gigabyte K8NNXP (nForce3), Gigabyte K8VNXP (K8T800), BIOSTAR K8VHA Pro (K8T800). All of them are mainboards only. This time round, we are going to take a look at something different, the BIOSTAR Athlon 64 Small Form Factor Box- iDEQ 200P.As we all know, Shuttle has been well known for its SFF boxes in the past years. It is a fact that Shuttle has made good money selling these SFF barebones. As we can see from the amount of SFF boxes displayed at the Computex show, every manufacturer has jumped onto the bandwagon. BIOSTAR is one of them and they are equally first to deliver one of the first Athlon 64 Boxes based on the NForce3 150 chipset.The BIOSTAR iDEQ 200P is small and compact just like my Shuttle SS40. Finished with a black shiny surface, it looks cool. With the front panel connectors of 1394, S/PDIF, spk, mic, 2 USB ports, connectivity to multimedia devices are easier than before. There is also a sliding panel so that it can hide the unmatched colours of your CDROM (white) and protect it against dust. That is something good to have. The box is very spacious 210mm x 323mm x 187mm (W x D x H) and can hook up to 2 or up to 3 HDD (if you don't use floppy) and 1 CDROM Drive. The box also comes equipped with Gigabit Ethernet getting you ready for network access instantly. SATA RAID is also provided for hooking the latest SATA HDD for better performance.
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