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BloatyNosy 1.1 has been released.

BloatyNosy 1.1 - The real Windows 11 Copilot

So, guys! The most important work is done! The thing can safely be handed over to you.
Some fine-tuning is still needed here and there, and a few functions from the old version below 1.0 have been removed and could possibly come back. Overall, we now have a cleaner, more reliable, and faster codebase with a refreshed UI in the Windows 11 style. I will continue to integrate BloatyNosy more with the community (not Microsoft AI ) in the next versions—Reddit, GitHub, etc. recommendations — to provide users with more security in usage.
Keep being diligent and report bugs and your suggestions for upcoming versions.

The source will be released shortly.

A list of all  changes can be found here

Release BloatyNosy 1.1 - The real Windows 11 Copilot · builtbybel/BloatyNosy