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Bloatynosy 1.2 has been released.

Bloatynosy 1.2

BloatyNosy has been renamed to Bloatynosy ("the 'n' in 'nosy' is written as one word in lowercase). Due to the renaming of the GitHub repository, the update mechanism is currently unfortunately disrupted.

  • Numerous optimizations and bug fixes, along with the aftermath of the  final release, have been resolved.

Source of ver 1.2 has been commited. MSI Package will be pushed soon.

Adressed in final release

- Complete UI revision and overhaul
- Extensive optimization of the main analysis functions
- Added New plugin functionality in the main program (WinModder has been replaced and is now obsolete)
- Restore button placed visibly on the main page of the app
- Features can be analyzed individually with a right-click
- Revised logging
- Optimization of numerous features
- Added feature to disable Windows Copilot
- Added feature to disable start menu Bing search
- Removed feature to "enable Windows Subsystem for Linux"
- Optimized Bloatpilot module
- Extensive code refactoring
- Improved high-DPI experience
- Optimized app's memory usage
- 10% Smaller EXE and 40% Less Memory
- Numerous minor bug fixes

Some features from the old version have been removed and may potentially be reintroduced. This decision will be made by the community

Release Bloatynosy 1.2 · builtbybel/Bloatynosy