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Bloatynosy 1.3 preview is now available for testing. Bloatynosy consolidates and unifies all of the critical Windows 11 settings into a single app, allowing you to disable and uninstall unnecessary features with a single click.

Bloatynosy - The Test

Hi everyone, it hasn't been long, and I still have some motivation left for this year. Yesterday, I worked on a revised program logic.
The app continues to enjoy great popularity, and new and less experienced users have often approached me about usability issues as they don't always find their way around the app. I've addressed the logic of turning off features and settings using two baskets (similar to all other modules in the app). So, you simply move what you want to change into the virtual "recycle bin" and apply it. I would be interested in hearing your opinions on this. My first acquaintances managed fine without me saying anything ;) Another ongoing issue is the name. Currently, we have about 10 million downloads (the name is thus familiar and ingrained), but almost half of the users find "Bloatynosy" a lousy name, including many who find it amusing (which is okay). Feel free to share your opinions and reactions here. I'm a bit more "reserved" this time regarding a name change, but I don't want to rule it out completely.

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