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BloatyNosy is Bloatynosy again. Version 1.4.0 is now available.

Bloatynosy 1.4.0

We have a winner in terms of the name. As of today, it's still Bloatynosy.
The surveys have been running for two weeks, and I've also received over 300 responses on Twitter and by email against a name change. We will never achieve representative results when it comes to taste. However,  I will still let the survey run for the next few weeks. Maybe something will change, as I now want to finalize the new version (I'm also racing against time) and have numerous other projects in mind (some of which will also go public, see below), I'm releasing the final 1.4 version today. Enjoy the Christmas season, my friends, and see you soon.

Release Bloatynosy 1.4.0 · builtbybel/Bloatynosy