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A new version of the Cairo Desktop Environment for Windows has been released.

Cairo Desktop has undergone several changes since 0.4.245, including the addition of auto-hide options for the menu bar, the Flat Accent theme, a configurable auto-hide delay, improved functionality for network and power system notification area icons, and a better user experience on smaller screens. In addition, some apps, including Notepad, Paint, and Edge PWAs, have been fixed, as have taskbar elements. Translations have also been improved for German, Italian, Portuguese, simplified Chinese, and Spanish. Settings, logs, and extensions are now saved as JSON.

Cairo Desktop 0.4.317

Cairo requires Windows 7 or later, including Windows 11, and  .NET 4.7.1 or later (already included with Windows 10 1709 and newer)

Click "Assets" below to find the installer download. After downloading, Windows Defender will likely require you to choose "more info," then "run anyway." Not sure which one to download? Try 64-bit.


Windows 11 users: Recent updates have impacted Cairo's ability to hide the default Windows taskbar. Before starting Cairo, it is recommended to open Windows Settings > Personalization > Taskbar, select "Taskbar behaviors", then enable "Automatically hide the taskbar."

Changes since 0.4.245

  • Added auto-hide option for the menu bar ( #120)
  • Added option to show the menu bar on the bottom of the screen ( #142)
  • Added Flat Accent theme, which is a variant of the Flat theme that uses the current Windows accent color ( #731, thanks  @Blastd!)
  • Added a configurable delay to activate showing the menu bar or taskbar when using auto-hide, set to 250ms by default
  • Network and Power system notification area icons in Windows 11 now open the specific network or power flyout with version 22H2 or later
  • Notification area icons can now be middle-clicked
  • The settings window now scrolls to improve usage on small screens
  • Fixed broken shortcuts causing Cairo to open the "missing shortcut" window when not desirable ( #774)
  • Fixed some applications such as Notepad, Paint, and Edge PWAs not opening when Cairo is set as shell ( #734)
  • Fixed notification area icons for some apps, such as DS4Windows, not functioning
  • Fixed inverting system icons when using software rendering ( #790, thanks  @xoascf!)
  • Fixed taskbar items sometimes disappearing after removing a monitor ( #773)
  • Fixed some potential errors when taskbar items change
  • Fixed system icons not working in Windows 11 with ExplorerPatcher or StartAllBack
  • Fixed blur behind the full-width taskbar not working when set to auto-hide
  • Improved translations:
  • Settings, logs, and extensions now reside within %localappdata%\Cairo Desktop. Settings are automatically moved to the new location and are now saved as JSON.
  • Misc under-the-hood improvements


Release Cairo Desktop 0.4.317 · cairoshell/cairoshell