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A preview version of CoMachina 0.50 has been made available. CoMachina is a hybrid WebView2 application that was developed with the intention of making Windows 11/10 navigation more straightforward. Not only does it talk like the Microsoft Copilot, but it also takes action. At the moment, it is a static client that does not integrate AI.

CoMachina (Nathan 0.50 Preview)

Here is a substantial update that brings CoMachina one step closer to Copilot. It Introduces a cutting-edge chatbox that handles live queries with AI flair. It allows powerful Windows tasks and actions to be performed through a chatbox. The GUI is now minimized to the essentials, similar to Copilot, and you can accomplish tasks entirely through the chatbox. If you want to customize your system, simply enter keywords such as 'system' or 'privacy' into the search, and you will be guided. If you wish to uninstall appx packages, please ask for assistance with the relevant keywords.

The GUI is entirely dynamic and adapts to its actions. With the upcoming release, it may already reach a final stage, probably initially without 'real' AI. We'll see how the project evolves after that and whether we can contribute something substantial with the community.If you want to support me, please share this version and this app. We will definitely need skilled JavaScript coders and frontend designers. This app might potentially consume numerous of my own projects and render them obsolete.

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