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The first beta version of CoMachina is now available. CoMachina is a hybrid WebView2 application that was developed with the intention of making Windows 11/10 navigation more straightforward. Not only does it talk like the Microsoft Copilot, but it also takes action. At the moment, it is a static client that does not integrate AI.

CoMachina (0.55 Beta Celab)

CoMachina is leaving the preview status and is finally moving into the beta stage (and back to the codename "Caleb"). Nevertheless, it is currently a very mature and stable stage. Thank you for the numerous feedback. This beta can now be used on all Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions. Localizations of the app are possible. I have taken the first step with a machine translation into German. To translate the app into German, for example, it is sufficient to search for the keyword 'german' or '#deutsch' in the chatbox. Future versions could possibly receive a slightly more dynamic translation using Google Translator.

How does it work?
Simply run the CoMachina.exe. You can delete the cache folder CoMachina.exe.WebView2 at any time.

Release CoMachina (0.55 Beta Celab) · builtbybel/CoMachina