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The final version of CoMachina is now available. CoMachina is a hybrid WebView2 application that was developed with the intention of making Windows 11/10 navigation more straightforward. Not only does it talk like the Microsoft Copilot, but it also takes action.

CoMachina (release 0.60)

We are going final with the app today, along with the codebase. I have to do it with my last few relaxing days ;) The app will undoubtedly grow over time and receive more smart features, possibly leading to real  @microsoft Copilot AI integration. In this stable release, I have significantly improved both under the hood and in terms of appearance, and the code refactoring is now at a point where it can soon be fully pushed to the GitHub repo. If you are interested in translating the app, please open an issue or submit a pull request. Currently, in addition to the default language, there is also a machine translation available in German. To access this, simply initiate a request in the chatbox using the keywords 'deutsch,' 'german,' or 'translate,' and the frontend will localize accordingly. CoMachina will be distributed only as a 64-bit binary.

Release CoMachina (release 0.60) · builtbybel/CoMachina