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CoMachina 0.61.124 has been released. CoMachina is a hybrid WebView2 application that was developed with the intention of making Windows 11/10 navigation more straightforward. Not only does it talk like the Microsoft Copilot, but it also takes action.

CoMachina (Out of Preview 0.61.124)

This version introduces an additional component in the form of a CoMachina app to check potential hardware requirements of the new Germanium, also known as (Windows 12) Hudson Valley user experience platform. The module is named GenGermanium. You can find and execute this module in the chatbox using the keywords 'Germanium' or 'HudsonValley'. I may eventually push it as a standalone app on GitHub.

Release CoMachina (Out of Preview 0.61.124) · builtbybel/CoMachina