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BIOS Magazine posted a Laplink PCmover Review

PCmover is a relatively useful application that lets you move almost everything from your old PC to your new one. And, with PCmover you shouldn't even need to find old CDs or serial numbers to reinstall your applications. It's also the only software application that automatically moves programs as well as data files and settings from an old Windows PC to a new Windows Vista system. So once you've upgraded to Microsoft's brand new operating system, you can transfer the software programs, files, and system settings from your old computer to your new one with only a few clicks.
Laplink PCmover Review

VR-Zone has learned about the Intel Discrete GPUs plans

Intel's Visual Computing Group (VCG) gave an interesting overview of the discrete graphics plans this week. There seems to be a few interesting developments down the pipeline that could prove quite a challenge to NVIDIA and AMD in 2 years time. As already stated on their website, the group is focused on developing advanced products based on a many-core architecture targeting high-end client platforms initially. Their first flagship product for games and graphics intensive applications is likely to happen in late 2008-09 timeframe and the GPU is based on multi-core architecture. We heard there could be as many as 16 graphics cores packed into a single die.
Intel Discrete GPUs Roadmap Overview

PC Apex posted a review on the Buffalo Technology FireStix PC2-8000 2GB DDR2 RAM Kit

FireStix that a great name for overclocker's ram or what? In mid 2004 Buffalo Technology released the first FireStix branded RAM and since that time Buffalo has managed to keep pace with the ever increasing demand for performance memory. FireStix is designed to not only meet the needs of the latest motherboards and processors, but to exceed it. FireStix gives overclockers the means to tweak out every iota of CPU performance without sacrificing memory performance. Today we look at the FireStix PC28000CL5 2GB kit. While this isn't the absolute fastest ram produced by Buffalo, it is the fastest 2-gig matched kit available.
Buffalo Technology FireStix PC2-8000 2GB DDR2 RAM Kit Review

Virtual-Hideout posted a Sunbeam Quarterback ATX Chassis Review

The construction is simple, clean, and presents good air flow despite its size. At its current $60.00 average, the price is pretty close to the cost per feature ratio. A couple quick changes would make it a really good deal not to mention improve its appearance.
Sunbeam Quarterback ATX Chassis Review

PC Stats posted an Asus P5W64 WS Pro 975X Express Workstation Motherboard Review

With enterprise class hardware like the Asus P5W64 WS Pro motherboard, we get no less than four PCI Express x16 slots for videocards! The capability to support four PCI Express x16 videocards means this system can support up to eight monitors! That is a serious amount of desktop space! Based on the venerable Intel 975X Express chipset, the P5W64 WS Professional is ASUS' most current stab at a workstation motherboard. The multitude of PCI Express x16 slots is possible thanks to an IDT 89HA0324 PCI Express switch. The four PCI Express slots are configured in x16, x0, x4, x0 mode when one videocard is installed. When two graphics cards are installed, say for ATI Crossfire, the four PCI Express slots are split up in x8, x8, x4, x8 mode. Thus each Crossfire videocard would receive 8 lanes of PCI Express.
Asus P5W64 WS Pro 975X Express Workstation Motherboard Review

techPowerUp posted a review on the Thermaltake Bach VX case

The Thermaltake Bach VX case is nothing ordinary, even though the slogan "The Charm of the Ordinary" may imply some form of simpleness. The case sports some gorgeous looks and comes feature packed from start to finish. A brushed aluminum front, black drive bay covers, multiple locks and a partially screws-less design are just some of the highlights. We fill the case with hardware and let you know if we are still smiling in the end.
Thermaltake Bach VX Review posted a review on the NZXT Duet PC Case

Media center PCs are becoming more and more common today and with the availability of services like iTunes and Netflicks the need for a PC (or PC-like device) in the living room is becoming more and more necessary. While there are many stand alone devices that can stream media from the PC you generally loose the ability to browse the web or play video games from your couch. Today we will be looking at the NZXT Duet case, which was designed to be used in the living room for all your media center PC needs.
NZXT Duet PC Case Review has posted their Performance OverClocker's System Building Guide, one of three in a series of system building articles for overclockers.

OCZ has come out with what I consider one of the most innovative products to hit the market in a long time. The FlexXLC (Xtreme Liquid Convention) copper / aluminum heatsink has the "flex"ability to function as a passive air cooler or as a liquid cooled solution. The ability to watercool the memory right out of the box will allow you to really crank up the voltage and push these modules to the limit. The watercooling barbs are 1/4" ID (inner diameter). This kit has timings of 4-4-4-15 and is backed by OCZ's Lifetime Warranty up to 2.2V.
Performance OverClocker's System Building Guide

For the new release of SimplyMEPIS, X 7.1 and a revised kernel with NVIDIA 1.0.9746 have been added to the pools. For 32 bit, that's the dev32-6.0 pool and for 64 bit it's the simply64-6.0 pool.

This is a major upgrade and should be done with care, but several users have tried it already and they report success, even from 6.0-1. If you are using the nvidia or fglrx driver, please switch temporarily to the nv or radeon driver before doing the upgrade.

X 7.1 and NVIDIA 1.0.9746 in Package Pools