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Dell Latitude E7440 Touch Business Ultrabook Review @
The Dell Latitude E7440 is not quite as sexy as some of the sleek ultrabooks out there, but it's also not as square as most business notebooks we've been subjected to over the years. The Dell Latitude E7440 thus continues a trend we've been noticing lately of companies gussying up their business-class laptops, while maintaining a professional look so as not to distract in the conference room.

It's tough trying to straddle two worlds with a product line, offering a business notebook with consumer features to entice end users, but Dell has been doing as good a job of it as any company. Primarily, that's because it's been rolling out a ton ultrabooks, and the slim and light machines just tend to be attractive. The Latitude E7440 is indeed thin at just 21mm, and with a 3-cell battery it weighs in at just 3.6lbs...
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BitFenix Phenom Mini-ITX @ techPowerUp
BitFenix has taken the original genes of the Prodigy and fused them with the exterior of the newer Phenom line. The outcome is a small and compact chassis with all the major functional benefits of the highly successful Prodigy in a cleaner, sleeker package - perfect for that HTPC or Steam Box.
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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse Review @ OCC
In my honest opinion I just can't find anything special about this mouse that really brings it home for the cost. No it's not super expensive, but where is the bonus? Even the really cheap end mice have forward and back buttons with the ability to create a macro on a random extra button. Most come with software (good and bad) that can change DPI settings, and polling rate just the same. Many of them can even change color and for a much lesser price. I just don't see the bonus in this mouse that makes me jump up to buy it. If you already have a mouse with forward and back buttons, and the ability to change sensitivity, hold on to your pennies; this isn't the upgrade you're waiting for. It's not a horrid mouse, it's just not really anything out of the ordinary unless you want to say you use the same mouse as some professional gamer who was paid to use it
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Logitech G602 Review @ Vortez
Wireless connectivity isn’t just limited to the household router, laptop or smartphone, there are now numerous devices which take advantage of this type of communication in a bid to discard cables and reduce clutter. Today we are to take a look at a wireless mouse from peripheral forerunner, Logitech, which is primarily designed for gamers.

G602 is a wireless gaming mouse with boasts up to 1440 hours of usage, up to 2500 DPI of sensitivity and a plethora button customisation to name just a few of the features. At the heart of G602 is an exclusive optical sensor named Delta Zero. Can Logitech convince gamers to ditch the trusty, corded gaming mouse for this new wireless weapon?
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Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler @ NikKTech
Tower design CPU Coolers may have been around for roughly a decade now but it wasn't until a few years ago that several manufacturers thought about combining two heatsinks to make the main body of the cooler instead of one thus increasing its cooling potential. Dual tower solutions were later on called sandwich type ones since in between the two heatsinks some manufacturers placed a fan to increase airflow between the fins thus improving the overall cooling efficiency of the cooler (some used that one fan only while others used two and even 3 in push and pull configuration). Today we finally see most CPU Cooler manufacturers walk down that same path and although for the majority of consumers even single tower CPU Coolers offer the best bang for their buck for overclockers, enthusiasts and even professionals in some cases dual tower models are well worth the extra cost. Be Quiet! has been in the business of manufacturing some of the best CPU Coolers around and today we will be checking out their latest Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler.
Sapphire R7 260X 2GB OC @ LanOC Reviews
Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford the latest and greatest. The mid-range video cards paired up with a cheap CPU is what most people start with in PC gaming. At our last LAN Sapphire was setup and gaming on a perfect example of a great budget build. When they asked if we would be interested in taking a look at their new R7 260X I couldn’t wait to see what kind of gaming experience you can get without breaking the bank. Let’s dig in and see what the card is all about and find out if it should be in your next budget build!
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Intel Core i7-4960X vs Intel Core i7-4930K Gaming-Performance @ ocaholic
Once more we're having a look at gaming performance in combination with two different high-end processors. In this case we're rather curious to find out how much of a difference there will be between these two CPU's when it comes to theoretical benchmarks and a set of recent and demanding games.
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How about a Radeon R9 290X for 900 bucks? @ The Tech Report
If you've been following these things at all, you probably know that the Radeon R9 290X and its little brother, the R9 290, have been selling at steep premiums for a while now. Although both cards have been relatively easy to find in stock at online retailers, they've been going for something like $200 above list.

The problem is one of supply and demand, of course. While our sources suggest that supply is healthy, demand from crypto-currency miners seems to be very strong. This puts AMD in an awkward position. The company could order additional wafers, which would put more GPUs in the market in a few months. By then, however, the crypto-currency bubble might burst, and AMD might find itself with excess inventory as miners unload second-hand Radeons on eBay.
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Samsung 840 EVO 256GB & 500GB mSATA SSD Review @ Vortez
For those not aware, mSATA was designed to be used in laptops, or more specifically, ultra light notebooks, even tablets. Basically anywhere where power, and space and weight were held at a premium. That said, mSATA is not a new concept but due to its small foot print, mSATA was restricted to small capacities meaning its main use was as a boot drive. As today's samples exhibit huge storage capability (1TB drives are also available), the mSATA format can easily replace a main system storage drive.

Before we examine if performance has taken a hit, let's take a look at the Specification and Features...
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WD Sentinel DS6100 @ Hexus
WD's business storage solution gets an overhaul.
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iPad Mini 2 review @ V3
The addition of the Retina screen is a real boost to the 8in tablet range from Apple, and it’s impressive that battery life hasn’t been impacted. But the cost and lack of security features are a downside.

High-quality display; smooth, fast performance; thin and light; excellent build and design

Expensive for a small tablet; lacks Touch ID
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9-Way NVIDIA GeForce Linux Benchmarks On Their New Beta Driver @ Phoronix
Following last week's exciting NVIDIA 334 Linux beta driver release, here are benchmarks from nine different GeForce graphics cards to complement yesterday's 9-way AMD Radeon comparison on Ubuntu with the latest Linux driver beta.
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