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Driver Booster has been released. Driver Booster can identify, back up and fix outdated, missing or incorrect drivers on your computer.

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We have used Driver Booster on our personal and work computers (see video below) and hundreds of machines without any problem. If you're having trouble with your computer, one of the first things besides malware scanning is to update your drivers. They can often cause your problems, including slow speeds, lagging in video and music, and more. Back in the day, you need to know all of your hardware and go and find each driver one at a time, taking hours. It brings you into the modern era of a simple 1-click approach to updating everything.

Driver Booster is marked as Ad-Supported because it only offers to install Dashlane, a 5-star rated password manager, and is unchecked by default. Finally, it provides a Windows Tweak ebook requiring you to press the large red subscribe button or no thanks.

Downloads will start slow and speed up. Purchasing Driver Booster gives you full speed as well as automatic backups.

Driver Booster automatically backs up your current drivers and creates a system restore point before updating, allowing you to roll back if you have problems. It also can check and fix display resolution issues after installation.

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