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Microsoft published rev. 4.0 of the Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide

This guide provides installation and deployment information for intermediate and advanced administrators planning to deploy Microsoft:registered: Exchange Server 2003. This guide is a companion to the guide Planning an Exchange Server 2003 Messaging System. Although the planning guide focuses on planning your Exchange Server 2003 system architecture, this guide provides you with the prerequisites and procedures to successfully deploy and install Exchange Server 2003 into your infrastructure. Whether you are deploying a new Exchange Server 2003 messaging system or upgrading from a previous Exchange version, this guide will walk you through the deployment process and provide deployment recommendations, including recommendations on how to configure your Exchange Server 2003 organization to run in native mode. This book also provides instructions about how to use Exchange Server Deployment Tools, a new feature of Exchange Server 2003. Exchange Server Deployment Tools provide you with utilities and wizards to help verify that your organization is in a healthy state before you deploy Exchange Server 2003.
Exchange Server 2003 Deployment Guide 4.0