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Microsoft published a white paper about the Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista

Understanding Their Rationale and How to Make Them Work for YouLook at five features of Windows Vista that are often misunderstood, learn about their background and rationale, and get the straight scoop on how to deal with them.

Based on feedback from IT Pros in the trenches, here are the features that can cause confusion and slow Windows Vista adoption:

- User Account Control
- Image management
- Display Driver Model
- Search
- 64 bit architecture

Each of feature has specific benefits for desktop (and laptop) management, but they also make adoption a bit tougher since they affect two key areas: application compatibility and hardware performance. This article explains the rationale behind these features, shows how they actually make PC administration more controllable and robust, and provides guidance and tips to make them easier to work with.
Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista