Reviews 51974 Published by takes a look at GALAXY's GeForce 6600.

I like NVIDIA's NV43 and I like GALAXY's GeForce 6600 card. What NVIDIA has done is harness current top-end technology into a GPU and card that, depending upon manufacturer and RAM arrangement, will cost between £90-£120. GALAXY's card comes in at the upper end of that scale, thanks to a healthy 256MB of onboard RAM. Looking at our benchmark numbers that include a few older titles, it's apparent that NV43 performance makes looking at previous generation's midrange cards, and I'm thinking of Radeon 9600s and GeForce 5700/5900 XTs, almost pointless. What's more, GALAXY's PCI-Express 6600 card doesn't require auxillary power and the GPU's fan is pretty damn quiet, although a few sacrifices have to be made for the cheaper NV43 part, as there's no SLI capability and a distinct lack of memory bandwidth from the 128-bit interface.
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