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CoolTechZone has posted a Gigabyte 6800 Video Card review

NVIDIA launched their GeForce 6 series of GPUs a while back and now every board partner has their versions of 6800 flavors, most notably the regular 6800. This is the most popular version of NVIDIA's GeForce 6 family of products - maybe because of the poor chip yields. If you are not aware of this, both NVIDIA and ATI are having a difficult time producing chips for their GT/Ultra and PE line of products, which has led to ridiculous price increases for the aforementioned models from NVIDIA and ATI. Recently, at an online retailer, we found NVIDIA's 6800 Ultra to be around $735.00, which is way higher than its retail price of $500.00. What's even more annoying is that both NVIDIA and ATI have launched the products, but they are having a hard time bringing them into retail channels. In an effort to compete against each other, they forgot the sufferers of their actions - end-consumers. Why is it that we have to wait months before we can purchase high-end cards for our needs? We like to call this a mere business monopoly. The only difference is we have two companies creating the monopoly instead of one. Just as an advise to NVIDIA and ATI, we would like to see the high-end cards soon
in the market.
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