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Bjorn3D posted a review on the Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX video card

With the very successful GeForce 6 Series and what will probably be an even more successful 7 Series, NVIDIA is clearly back to doing things right. SLI has made the company king again, at least for a little while. SLI combined with the 7800 GTX is a whole new level of "wow" that we haven't seen before. I think it's getting easier and easier to forget about that 5800 silliness.

By now, you've probably heard it a thousand times, but it deserves repeating. NVIDIA's 7800 GTX launch was not just a typical paper launch. A handful of companies had cards on the virtual shelves of e-tailers the day that the new card was announced. As a matter of fact, we even had a retail board for our preview article. Today, though, it's time to look at retail 7800 GTX offering from Gigabyte, a name I'm sure you all recognize.
Gigabyte GeForce 7800 GTX Review