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Techspot posted a review on the Intel Core 2 Duo Family

After much hype and anticipation, the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors are now available in stores with prices starting at $180 all through $530.

But it's not for nothing that such tremendous hype surrounded Intel's new CPUs release. As our test results will show later on, even the slowest Intel Core 2 Duo processor is significantly faster than more expensive Pentium D processors. Take the Pentium D 950 for example, this is a $250 processor whereas the newer Core 2 Duo E6300 will initially cost just $180. The question is however, which of the four Intel Core 2 Duo processors deliver the best performance vs. price ratio?

In this article we will be exploring the differences between the four Core 2 Duo processors. How much effect clock frequencies drop have on the more affordable models, and the performance impact that comes from halving the L2 Cache from 4MB to 2MB.
Intel Core 2 Duo Family review