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LoveWindowsAgain 0.19 has been released. LoveWindowsAgain is an Open Source tool designed to help you weed out some of the annoying Windows 11 features and more.

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From the developer of ThisIsWin, LoveWindowsAgain gives you the ability to slim down various features, etc., of Windows 11, making it a more enjoyable OS. Many things in Windows 11 take some getting used to, including some aspects of the taskbar. There are also privacy concerns for some, like telemetry, for instance. LoveWindowsAgain will help you tweak and disable those functions and more. While it is crafted specifically for Windows 11, some fixes will also work on Windows 10.

LoveWindowsAgain's interface is to the point allowing for ease of use. Once run, it will display a simple start page where you can analyze common deficiencies and annoyances. It will quickly perform the analysis and provide you with the results. From there, you can fix them all or jump over to the advanced mode for recommendations on key areas where you can check or uncheck precisely what you want. After hitting fix, all the necessary registry mods and setting changes are performed quickly. Don't like the changes? Reverting is as easy as hitting the restore button to return to the default state. Even so, it is always a good idea to create a registry backup.

LoveWindowsAgain is another excellent app from Builtbybel, simplifying a process that, if done manually, would take some time and knowledge.

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