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PCMech takes a look at Microsoft's AntiSpyware

For this week's Freeware Frenzy, I will be taking a look at Microsoft's AntiSpyware 1.0 Beta. While this program is still in beta form, it is freely available for anyone looking for another solution to the growing spyware problem. Microsoft claims to have higher detection rates then the other third party apps on the market, and I wanted to see if Bill and the gang are really up to the challenge.

Installation is painless; you need only to answer a few questions during the setup. I chose all of Microsoft's recommended selections. AntiSpyware first asks in you want to 'keep your computer in the know' with Auto Updater. Next you 'meet your computers new bodyguards' by activating 59 security checkpoints, and finally join the SpyNet community. By sharing your results with a database of all SpyNet users, everyone can stay on top of new and troublesome spyware. When all is said and done you are ready to run your first scan.
Microsoft AntiSpyware Review