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Microsoft has released the July 2023 release of the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK.

Microsoft Build of OpenJDK – July 2023 Release

We are happy to announce the latest July 2023 patch & security update release for the  Microsoft Build of OpenJDK. See the  release notes for detailed changes present in the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK binaries. And  download or  install the binaries today.

All binaries are available on their usual locations. For more details, see the  download page.

New feature enabled by default

The release of MS Build of OpenJDK 17 and 11 now include an enhancement on escape analysis. With this feature, we identified latency improvements up to 13% on controlled benchmarks. The feature has been available in our previous builds and has been in use by production workloads across Microsoft, LinkedIn, and other systems. Now in the latest build it is enabled by default. If you do encounter a performance regression on a particular workload, you can disable this feature with -XX:-ReduceAllocationMerges flag on the Java launcher command line; and please provide feedback to

CA Certificates: Upcoming change in the next update

For the next quarterly update, we will switch from system root certificates (for SSL) and will start bundling in our JDKs the same Microsoft CA Certificates used on Microsoft Edge. This will bring parity with what Microsoft trusts throughout the web, to what we will trust on Java applications running on the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK. Customers will still be able to modify/revert the CA certificates used by the Java runtime. For more information on this, please contact

OpenJDK 8

As you may know, we provide support on Azure and internal at Microsoft for OpenJDK 8 binaries of Eclipse Temurin built by the Eclipse Adoptium project. To facilitate its usage, we ship container images of OpenJDK 8 on top of CBL-Mariner and Ubuntu. Refer to our documentation.


The DevDiv Java Engineering Group have also released the Alpha version of the  Semantic Kernel for Java. Check the  blog post to learn more about building intelligent Java apps with OpenAI.

Microsoft Build of OpenJDK – July 2023 Release - Microsoft for Java Developers