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Anandtech posted a story that Microsoft launched the Internet Explorer 6 Countdown site with the express goal of reducing worldwide usage of IE6 to 1% of the browser market

To this end, the company announced that for the first time it would automatically begin updating Windows users to the most recent browser version supported by their OS (IE8 for XP, IE 9 for everyone else) - in the past, IE has been offered as an optional or recommended update, and users have been given the opportunity to opt out before installing. Users who have opted not to upgrade in the past, users who have installed one of the IE Automatic Update Blockers, users who have Automatic Updates disabled, and enterprise customers who grab their updates from a local WSUS server will not be upgraded automatically. These automatic updates will begin rolling out to Australian and Brazilian Windows users in January, with other territories to follow.
  Microsoft Launches IE6 Countdown Site, Will Begin Automatic IE Upgrades For Users