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Microsoft's own-branded Surface tablet computers based on Windows RT will arrive in its online store for 13 European markets, including Ireland, on 14 February. The tablet computer will surface in computer retail outlets in the weeks ahead.

From Silicon Republic:
In the summer of last year, Microsoft – keen to close the innovation gap that emerged since its Windows 7 operating system launched and rivals such as Apple with its iPad and Google with its Android operating system – launched its Surface concept to show OEMs how best Windows 8 could be harnessed for what Google and Apple like to term the 'post-PC age.'

You can tell from Microsoft’s fighting stance that this is anything but the post-PC age as far as it's concerned, but nevertheless the tablet form factor – which Microsoft incidentally unleashed in 2002 but failed to refine – is a segment that is growing fast and one that no tech company worth its salt can choose to ignore.
  Microsoft reveals Surface Windows RT will arrive in Ireland 14 February