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Microsoft's Bing team has released five new and free apps for owners of Office 2013 and Office 365 Home Premium in the Office Store, much as they released apps for Windows 8

From Neowin:
Today, the Bing team at Microsoft announced they were joining the Office apps party with no less than five free apps in the new Office Store. Microsoft said, "With Bing Apps for Office we are introducing ways for you to be more productive without having to leave the applications."

One of the apps is Bing Dictionary (English) which should be helpful for all Office applications. Microsoft states, "Aren’t sure of how to spell something? Simply enter words as they sound and Bing can suggest letters, words or phrases, optionally specified by part-of-speech." There's also Bing News Search for Office which allows users to search on the Internet for news and videos from within a Word document.
  Microsoft's Bing team launches new series of Office 365 apps