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A new ATX case that features a front panel design that is made out of real wood has been announced by Sharkoon Technologies.

Here the press release:

ATX Case with Elegant Wood Design on Front Panel

Pohlheim, 20 February 2024 — Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance, high-quality PC components and peripherals. Sharkoon introduces its first ever PC case that has a front panel design using real wood, setting the focus on a chic look which incorporates the use of natural materials. Two versions of the case are available: One version has a side panel made of tempered glass, where the emphasis is on appearances and showcasing the hardware inside, while the other variant concentrates on airflow, with both side panels being made of perforated metal.

Stylish Highlights for Gaming and Beyond

With the Rebel C70 RGB, Sharkoon is aiming to provide highlights that go beyond the usual areas of gaming. The wood design of the front panel should be able to blend harmoniously into surroundings such as living rooms and study rooms, where natural materials are more present. The pre-installed RGB fans also have a special warm-white illumination mode, which adds to the ambiance effects for gaming with a touch of coziness for home and office. 

Form and Function in One

The case version that has a side panel made of metal, instead of glass, profits in terms of airflow thanks to the additional perforation of the panel surface. On the other hand, the version with a side panel made of tempered glass also a variety of perforated surfaces, and both models allow the modular installation of a number of fans for a strong airflow that should even cater for high-demanding hardware. In addition to the four pre-installed 120-millimeter fans with their addressable RGB illumination — one in the rear of the case and three in the front —, a mounting frame under the top panel enables the installation of up to three more 120-millimeter fans or, alternatively, one radiator up to 360 millimeters. The fans or radiator can be attached to the frame and then inserted under the top panel. For a total of eleven fans, an additional three fans or a further radiator can be installed next to the mainboard tray by first removing a section of the modular power supply tunnel. 

Spacious Design Inside

A fan, HDDs or SSDs can also be modularly pre-mounted in a bundle on a mounting bracket and then inserted in the case behind the mainboard tray. Up to three 3.5-inch HDDs or up to three 2.5-inch SSDs can find space inside. The desired CPU cooler can have a maximum height of 16.5 centimeters and the PSU can come with a length of up to 27 centimeters. In addition, graphics cards with a maximum length of 40 centimeters can be conveniently placed on the graphics card holder with its rubberized support surface. Alternatively, the graphics card can be mounted vertically in the case using the optionally available Rebel C Series Vertical Graphics Card Kit 4.0.

Modern Connection Options

The Rebel C70 provides a high degree of future-proof compatibility for connectivity with mobile devices. These will find a USB-C port on top of the case, and there is also a TRRS socket for audio output and microphone. Next to these, there are additional USB 3.0 ports for up to two further devices.

Price and Availability

The Rebel C70G RGB and the Rebel C70M RGB are now each available at the manufacturer's suggested price of 119.90 euros.

Rebel C70M RGB: 

Rebel C70G RGB: 

For more information visit the Rebel C70M RGB product page or Rebel C70G RGB product page.