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XYZ Computing has posted a review on the Norcent LT-2722 27 Inch LCD Television

The leading companies in the LCD television field are still the major players, like Sharp and Samsung, but lots of other companies are beginning to increase their market share. Not only are display manufacturers, like Viewsonic, becoming a major part of the equation, but the importance of lesser know brands is growing as well. This review is going to taking a look at the LT-2722 twenty-seven inch LCD TV from Norcent. Though you may not have heard of Norcent before, that have been producing displays for some time, and they have specialized in bringing lower cost items to consumer. LCD TV's are still a very hot commodity, so don't expect rock-bottom pricing but you can usually save a few dollars if you go with a Norcent instead of a "premium" brand. We will see how this impacts the quality of the final product and how it does in a price-to-performance analysis.
Norcent LT-2722 27 Inch LCD Television Review