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Adrian's Rojak Pot has posted Part 1 of their definitive Virtual Memory Optimization Guide Rev. 4.0

Even today, virtual memory is still very important component of the operating system. No matter how much memory you have, there is always a need for virtual memory. Therefore, its performance is of great importance. Optimizing the virtual memory system will greatly improve the performance of the computer.

Today, we will take an in-depth look at virtual memory, what it really is and how to optimize it! In this edition, we will also take a thorough look at the differences between swapfile and paging file as well as making a contiguous paging file. Come and check out the definitive Virtual Memory Optimization Guide!

Here are the updates:-

- Added discussion on differences between swapfile and paging file.
- Corrected all references to the virtual memory file as paging file, instead of swapfile.
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