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A new version of PeaZip has been released.

PeaZip 9.0.0

PeaZip 9.0.0 completes the GUI evolution of 8.x line, both with look&feel updates and with under the hood improvements, making the application easier to customize and adapt to different needs and environments.

Plugin are now simpler to install, support for PAQ and ZPAQ formats support is improved, more options are available for 7z/p7zip backend, and the application can now extract compressed TAR archives in a single step.

A total of 230 file extensions can now be opened as archives by PeaZip, with the addition of .pmdx, .pmvx, .tmdx, and .prdx SoftMaker Office files.

Release PeaZip 9.0.0 · peazip/PeaZip