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A new version of PeaZip has been released.

PeaZip 9.2.0

PeaZip 9.2.0 improves the GUI with more customization options for address bar and tab bar, and re-organizes support section, with easier access to online resources, documentation, issue tracker, and to settings relevant to privacy and security.

Under the hood the support for editing non-canonical archive types was improved, and it is now possible to try different methods to manage unsupported file types.

On Windows, McMilk codecs and sfx modules were updated, to support extra compression methods for .7z format (Brotli, FLZMA2, Lizard, Zstandard...), and on all platforms it is now possible to set an alias for 7z / p7zip backend to easily switch between alternative binaries.

Release PeaZip 9.2.0 · peazip/PeaZip