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A new version of PeaZip has been released

PeaZip 9.4.0

PeaZip 9.4.0 introduces support for adding, editing, and removing archive-level comments in RAR and ZIP/ZIPX files, interactively (Alt+M) and from batch scripts, on single or multiple archives at once even of mixed types.

It is now possible to directly add files and folders to archives in Brotli, BZip2, GZip, TAR, WIM, XZ, Zstd, and Zpaq formats (from command line, Automator scripts, .desktop files, and context menu items), and it was updated the (peazip)/res/share/batch folder containing scripting and system integration examples.

A total of 234 file extensions can now be opened as archives by PeaZip, with the addition of Apple iWork file formats.

Release PeaZip 9.4.0 · peazip/PeaZip