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A new version of PeaZip is now available. PeaZip 9.8.0 introduces new themes, improved flat mode, and direct item extraction to bookmarks, history, or breadcrumb without confirmation. This feature is available in context menus, scripts, and system integration.

PeaZip 9.8.0

PeaZip 9.8.0 brings new Themes, improved flat mode (optionally display all archive's content at once), and adds the ability to directly extract all or selected items to any path in bookmarks, history or breadcrumb without further confirmation.

Direct extraction is implemented in "Extract to" group of app's context menu, and it is also available in as command line switches for scripts and for system integration (context menus, SendTo items, .desktop files, Automator scripts).

Release PeaZip 9.8.0 · peazip/PeaZip