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Microsoft has announced the general availability of PowerShell 7.3.

PowerShell 7.3 General Availability

We’re proud to announce the general availability of  PowerShell 7.3! PowerShell 7.3 is built on top of  .NET 7 and as a non-LTS (Long Term Support) release will be supported for 18 months. PowerShell 7.2 is still the current LTS (3-year supported) release of PowerShell.

How do I get it?

Since PowerShell 7 is supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS, there are a  variety of ways to get it. If you had installed the previous PowerShell 7 stable release (7.2) via the Windows Store, you will be automatically updated to 7.3 GA. However, if you installed the MSI and chose to be updated via  Microsoft Update, since 7.2 is a LTS release, you will not be automatically upgraded to 7.3 and needs to be manually installed.

What’s new?

You can see a  video of demos I presented at this year’s  PSConfEU minicon. It covers some of the major changes including new features and important bug fixes. Lots of the work presented were contributions fromm the community!

PowerShell 7.3 General Availability