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Microsoft has announced the release of PowerShell Crescendo 1.1.0-preview01.

Announcing PowerShell Crescendo 1.1.0-preview01

We’re pleased to announce the release of PowerShell Crescendo 1.1.0-preview01 Crescendo is a framework to rapidly develop PowerShell cmdlets for common command line tools, regardless of platform. This preview includes a new schema, support for argument value transformation, the ability to bypass the output handler, and improved error handling.

This is a community driven release built from the many suggestions and requests received directly or from our  Github. Thank you PowerShell Community for your adoption and suggestions!

The preview release is now available for download on the  PowerShell Gallery.

Installing Crescendo


  • Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo requires PowerShell 7.0 or higher

To install Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo:

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo -AllowPreRelease

To install Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo using the new  PowerShellGet v3:

Install-PSResource -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo -AllowPreRelease

Announcing PowerShell Crescendo 1.1.0-preview01