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A new version of PowerToys has been released.

Release Release v0.67.0 · microsoft/PowerToys

In the  v0.67 release cycle, we focused on releasing new features and improvements.

Installer Hashes

x64 Installer Hash


ARM64 Installer Hash



  • Added an option for PowerToys Run to tab through results instead of context buttons. Thanks  @maws6502!
  • All PowerToys registry entries are moved from machine scope (HKLM) to user scope (HKCU).
  • Quick access system tray launcher. Thanks  @niels9001!


  • Disable instead of hiding "Keep screen on" option.


  • Refactored and improved code quality.

File explorer add-ons

  • Fixed escaping HTML-sensitive characters when previewing developer files. Thanks  @davidegiacometti!

Image Resizer

  • Improved code quality around a silent crash that was being reported to Microsoft servers.

PowerToys Run

  • Add option to tab through results only. Thanks  @maws6502!
  • System plugin - Updated Recycle Bin command to allow opening the Recycle Bin. Thanks  @htcfreek!
  • System plugin - Improved Recycle Bin command to not block PT Run while the deletion is running. Thanks  @htcfreek!
  • System plugin - Small other changes to improve the usability of the Recycle Bin command. Thanks  @htcfreek!
  • WindowWalker plugin - Show all open windows with action keyword. Thanks  @davidegiacometti!

Quick Accent


  • Fixed URL click crash on the "What's New" screen.
  • Added quick access system tray launcher. Thanks  @niels9001!



  • Verify file and used NuGet packages are synced.
  • Turned on C++ code analysis and incrementally fixing warnings.
  • Automatically add list of .NET Runtime deps to Installer during build. Thanks  @snickler!
  • Move all installer registry entries to HKCU.
  • Refactor installer - extract module related stuff from Product.wxs to per-module .wxs file.
  • Enhance ARM64 build configuration verification. Thanks  @snickler!
  • Helped identify a WebView2 issue affecting PowerToys File explorer add-ons, which has been fixed upstream and released as an update through the usual Windows Update channels.

Release Release v0.67.0 · microsoft/PowerToys