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A new patch release for PowerToys has been released to address multiple issues.

PowerToys v0.67.1

This is a patch release to fix issues in v.67.0 to fix some bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See  v0.67.0 for full release notes.

  • #23733 - Fix FancyZones crashing on moving window between monitors with win + arrows
  • #23818 - Fix FancyZones issue causing window attributes not being reset properly
  • #23749 - Move PowerToys registry entries back to HKLM to fix context menu entries not working on some configurations
  • #23737 - Respect taskbar position when showing system tray flyout
  • #18166 - Fix Power Toys Run crashing when loading thumbnail for PDF files
  • #23801 - Show correct Hosts module image in PowerToys Settings app
  • #23820 - Fix FancyZones issue causing window not being adjusted when layout is changed
  • #23926 - Fix an issue causing issues not to be unsnapped when dragging started
  • #23927 - Fix layouts not being applied to new virtual desktops
  • #23579 #23811 - Fix for thumbnail crashes

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