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Clint Rutkas has announced the release of PowerToys 0.69.1. Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity.

PowerToys v0.69.1

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.69.0 to fix some bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See  v0.69.0 for full release notes.

Installer Hashes

Per user - x64 Installer Hash - PowerToysUserSetup-0.69.1-x64.exe


Per user - ARM64 Installer Hash - PowerToysUserSetup-0.69.1-arm64.exe


Machine wide - x64 Installer Hash - PowerToysSetup-0.69.1-x64.exe


Machine wide - ARM64 Installer Hash - PowerToysSetup-0.69.1-arm64.exe



  • #25254 - Fixed an issue causing the Registry Preview window to adopt a size too big for the screen after opening a big file.
  • #25334 - Fixed a crash on the Settings application after selecting the new "Keep awake until experiation" option of Awake on timezones with a negative offset relative to UTC.
  • #25253 - Fix wrong menu and tooltip transparent background in Registry Preview.
  • #25273 - Add Ctrl+S and Shift+Ctrl+S as shortcuts for saving in Registry Preview.
  • #25284 - Fix Registry Preview icons on some systems.
  • #25252 - Hide the installer hashes of release notes in the What's New page.
  • #25398 - Add code to avoid crashes due to the recent Shortcut Control changes.
  • #25250 - Fix a crash when trying to open or save a file when Registry Preview is running with administrative privileges.
  • #25395 - Fix command line functionality for Awake.

Release Release v0.69.1 · microsoft/PowerToys