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A patch release for PowerToys 0.70 is now available.

Release Release v0.70.1 · microsoft/PowerToys

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.70.0 to fix some bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See v0.70.0 for full release notes. 


  • #26142 #26439 and  #26525 - UX improvements in the Peek and Mouse Without Borders settings pages.
  • #26152 - The new PowerToys Run plugin for opening other PowerToys was missing some files in the installer and should work properly now.
  • #26235 - Peek and Mouse Without Borders process crashes in event viewer should now be reported correctly on Bug Reports.
  • #26150 - The Peek shortcut is now only captured if the active window is the Desktop, Explorer or Peek.
  • #26192 - Users can now use the Settings to specify host name and IP correlation in Mouse Without Borders, to account for VPN scenarios.
  • #24047 - Fixed a cause for possible leaks and/or infinite cycles in C# utilities that use events.
  • #26137 - The Peek windows can be closed using the Escape key.
  • #26181 - Created a setting for Peek to always run not elevated, so that it handles files in network shares correctly.
  • #26318 #26373 and  #26431 - Peek and dev file preview now support showing Visual Studio project common files and .ini compatible files.
  • #26419 - Fixed a blinking issue when loading code files in Peek.
  • #26160 - Fixed a playback notification that would stick when using Peek on video files.
  • #26243 - Peek now tries to appear on the same monitor as the File Explorer window that triggers it.
  • #26133 - Fixed small Peek UI on high DPIs.
  • #26361 #26162 and  #26478 - Reduced Peek memory usage and possible leaks.
  • #26246 - Fixed Mouse Without Borders layout always resetting to one row after some time.
  • #26366 - Added a setting to close the Peek window after it loses focus.
  • #26338 - Fixed the mouse activating thumbnails on top of the screen when switching to another machine in Mouse Without Borders.
  • #26470 - Fixed a silent Peek crash when trying to open it from File Explorer with no files selected.
  • #26261 - Fixed an issue causing Mouse Without Borders to prevent other connected machines from going to sleep.
  • #26454 - Disabled a deprecated shortcut in Mouse Without Borders that was interfering with other software.
  • #26517 - Don't remove the Mouse Without Borders service on upgrade. This issue will still affect users upgrading from 0.70.0 to a newer version, but it's fixed going forward.
  • #26521 - When Mouse Without Borders detects the service doesn't exist, it will still try to operate in the "no service" mode.
  • #26524 - Fixed a bug causing Mouse Without Borders to click a window on the current machine when switching to another machine.
  • #26259 - Added a winget-cli configuration file for PowerToys.

Release Release v0.70.1 · microsoft/PowerToys