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A new patch release to fix issues in PowerToys 0.74 is now available.

PowerToys v0.74.1

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.74.0 to fix some bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See  v0.74.0 for full release notes.

Installer Hashes

DescriptionFilenamesha256 hash
Per user - x64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.74.1-x64.exe748BF7BA33913237D36D6F48E3839D0C8035967305137A17DEFF39D775735C81
Per user - ARM64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.74.1-arm64.exeF5DAA89A9CF3A2805E121085AFD056A890F241A170FAB5007AA58E2755C88C54
Machine wide - x64 PowerToysSetup-0.74.1-x64.exe298C6F4E4391BDC06E128BED86A303C3300A68EAF754B4630AF7542C78C0944A
Machine wide - ARM64 PowerToysSetup-0.74.1-arm64.exeA65F3C300A48F9F81312B7FC7B306382CB87F591612D0CEC7E5C0E47E868904B


  • #28785 - After trying to calculate the All Languages charset in Quick Accent by joining the charsets of all languages, we missed that some characters were not in any of the languages. This adds those characters to All Languages again.
  • #28798 - Fixes a parsing issues when converting binary data from the registry files in Registry Preview.
  • #28914 - Fixes FancyZones automatically snapping context menus on some applications.
  • #28819 - Fixes SVG Preview ignoring some files with comments after we optimized the file parsing code.

Release Release v0.74.1 · microsoft/PowerToys