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PowerToys v0.75.1 has been released.

PowerToys v0.75.1

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.75.0 to fix some bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See  v0.75.0 for full release notes.

Installer Hashes

DescriptionFilenamesha256 hash
Per user - x64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.75.1-x64.exeCFDAE52607689A695F4E4DDD7C1FE68400359AEF0D2B23C86122835E9D32A20F
Per user - ARM64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.75.1-arm64.exe9BAD3EF71DEDE70445416AC7369D115FAE095152722BC4F23EE393D8A10F45CA
Machine wide - x64 PowerToysSetup-0.75.1-x64.exe18FEB9377B0BA45189FFF4F89627B152DD794CCC15F005592B34A40A3EA62EA8
Machine wide - ARM64 PowerToysSetup-0.75.1-arm64.exeF5CDF5A35876A0B581F446BF728B7AC52B6B701C0850D9CEA9A1874523745CFD


  • #29491 - The generalization of a fix for snapping popup windows was causing many applications to not be snappable by FancyZones. We're reverted that change for this patch and we'll investigate a better fix for a future release.
  • #29465 - We've recently included more ways for PowerToys Run plugin developers to include different data types as additional options for their plugins, but these were not being initialized correctly. Now they should be working. Thanks  @waaverecords!

Release Release v0.75.1 · microsoft/PowerToys