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Clint Rutkas has announced the release of PowerToys 0.76.1.

PowerToys v0.76.1

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.76.0 we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See  v0.76.0 for full release notes.

Installer Hashes

DescriptionFilenamesha256 hash
Per user - x64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.76.1-x64.exe876FB94098A50E5954D8FF6D1E8D5372AFD5AFA0C5456AD6E5DF2F6BCD4FC49B
Per user - ARM64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.76.1-arm64.exe3D0E943A8F147EE5C794FF17FB98A490A8E7E72F4B312B441332CF0C65823420
Machine wide - x64 PowerToysSetup-0.76.1-x64.exeA31F89B1E697C77D09337FD4B4A69DCA304944702A03D664846756ED98342F9A
Machine wide - ARM64 PowerToysSetup-0.76.1-arm64.exeCFA2E1F2BC38E1A5B9B0F91060391DE98F42F286FFCA9185D9EA26552F16D38A


  • #30148 - Fixed issue causing FancyZones not to be able to zone specific apps (e.g. Facebook messenger).
  • #30224 - Fixed results list height when changing maximum number of results to be shown setting for PowerToys Run.
  • #30225 - Fixed WPF apps crash caused by SystemThemeWatcher.
  • #30228 - Fixed loading .lnk files icons in PowerToys Run.
  • #30237 - Fixed PowerToys Run theme setting.
  • #30251 - Fixed suggestion text margin when text direction is right to left in PowerToys Run.

Release Release v0.76.1 · microsoft/PowerToys