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There is a new bugfix release of PowerToys available. This release also includes an update to.NET 8.0.4 that addresses startup crashes on older CPUs. There were issues with the installation of DSC module folders, the Keyboard Manager Editor crashing when Visual C++ Redistributable was not installed, and the Text Extractor settings page not opening. These issues have been fixed.

PowerToys v0.80.1

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.80.0 we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See  v0.80.0 for full release notes.

The next release is planned to be released during Microsoft Build 2024 (late May).

Installer Hashes

DescriptionFilenamesha256 hash
Per user - x64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.80.1-x64.exe23E35F7B33C6F24237BCA3D5E8EDF9B3BD4802DD656C402B40A4FC82670F8BE3
Per user - ARM64 PowerToysUserSetup-0.80.1-arm64.exeC5EECF0D9D23AB8C14307F91CA28D2CF4DA5932D705F07AE93576C259F74B4D1
Machine wide - x64 PowerToysSetup-0.80.1-x64.exe62373A08BB8E1C1173D047509F3EA5DCC0BE1845787E07BCDA3F6A09DA2A0C17
Machine wide - ARM64 PowerToysSetup-0.80.1-arm64.exe061EF8D1B10D68E69D04F98A2D8E1D8047436174C757770778ED23E01CC3B06C


  • #32315 - Updated .NET to 8.0.4 to fix crashes on the startup of many utilities when running on older CPUs.
  • #32341 - Fixed install failures that occurred when the folders we want to install the DSC module in aren't accessible by the WiX installer.
  • #31708 - Fixed Keyboard Manager Editor crashes on startup when Visual C++ Redistributable was not installed.
  • #32352 - Fixed Text Extractor settings page not opening when pressing the button directly in the utility's overlay.

Release Release v0.80.1 · microsoft/PowerToys