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A new version of PrivaZer has been released, as well SoundSwitch 6.1.0, AMD Cleanup Utility, SUMo 5.14, Windows Memory Cleaner 1.1, zzBrush Screensaver, Wagnardsoft Tools, AutoHideDesktopIcons 5.15, ACodec 2.5.0, MPV-EASY Player, WinSetView 2.14, Snappy Driver Installer Origin, Tabby 1.0.156 Alpha, Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2021.9.0.11172, and DtWinVer 2.52.

PrivaZer 4.0.29

PrivaZer can clean old files, internet activity, traces of software use, gain free space, clean the registry keeping your computer clean and secure. PrivaZer is easily one of, if not the best, drive cleaner available.

Download PrivaZer - MajorGeeks

SoundSwitch 6.1.0

SoundSwitch allows you to easily switch between the different playback devices currently connected to your machine via hotkeys. SoundSwitch is simple to configure, all you need to do is right-click on the systray icon to open up the settings. You can select your hotkeys as well select/deselect devices so only the correct ones are available for switching.

Download SoundSwitch - MajorGeeks

AMD Cleanup Utility

AMD Cleanup Utility removes previously installed AMD driver files, registries, and driver store items from your machine when standard uninstallation fails. It is designed to make the process easy and walks you through providing info for each step. You can view the installation report before completing the process. A reboot is required for changes to take place.

Download AMD Cleanup Utility - MajorGeeks

SUMo 5.14

SUMo (or Software Update Monitor) scans your machine for out of date software and lists them all, then provides an option to update directly with MajorGeeks.

Download SUMo - MajorGeeks

Windows Memory Cleaner 1.1

Windows Memory Cleaner is a small Open Source RAM cleaner. Windows Memory Cleaner has a simple utilitarian interface broken into two areas; Memory and Log. Under the Memory area, you have the ability to clean 6 different ways, and the log will display if the process was successful. It is efficient and easy to use.

Download Windows Memory Cleaner - MajorGeeks

zzBrush Screensaver

zzBrush Screensaver brings you back to basics; a simple text screensaver. zzBrush Screensaver can be used for anything from vendor advertising at a show to workspace ID in the classroom or even just a random message.

Download zzBrush Screensaver - MajorGeeks

Wagnardsoft Tools

Wagnardsoft Tools (WTools), from the authors of Display Driver Uninstaller, will help clean unused registry keys, remove temp files, and more. Wagnardsoft Tools provides you the essentials to clean up target areas on your machine and, in turn, free up space.

Download Wagnardsoft Tools - MajorGeeks

AutoHideDesktopIcons 5.15

AutoHideDesktopIcons allows automatic hiding/showing of your desktop icon features, including an adjustable timer and arbitrary activation options. This tool is a good choice if your desktop is cluttered with icons, as it will allow you to see more of your desktop background.

Download AutoHideDesktopIcons - MajorGeeks

ACodec 2.5.0

ACodec is an Open Source GUI encoder and decoder that utilizes various algorithms and charsets. ACodec is a straightforward app with an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it usable for anyone wanting to convert one format to another or reduce size for storing regardless of experience.

Download ACodec - MajorGeeks


MPV-EASY Player is an Open Source movie player based on MPV. MPV-EASY Player is a nicely presented media player that worked well during testing with no noticeable issues on our end.

Download MPV-EASY Player - MajorGeeks

WinSetView 2.14

WinSetView allows you to set Windows Explorer folder views globally. WinSetView will permit you to set the Details View with a user-defined selection of column headings. The selection will be enabled across all folders.

Download WinSetView - MajorGeeks

Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Snappy Driver Installer Origin is an Open Source fork of Snappy Driver Installer designed by a former contributing developer and build master who felt that project had gone astray.

Download Snappy Driver Installer Origin - MajorGeeks

Tabby 1.0.156 Alpha

Tabby (formerly Terminus) is a highly configurable terminal emulator, SSH, and serial client. Tabby is designed with a multi-tabbed GUI that looks nice as well as being functional. There are many customization features included with Tabby allowing you to set it up exactly as you need to give you the most efficient workflow possible.

Download Tabby - MajorGeeks

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2021.9.0.11172

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is developed for malware removal professionals and corporate users, such as help desks and PC repair companies.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit - MajorGeeks

DtWinVer 2.52

DtWinVer is a comprehensive portable OS detection utility that works as a C++ class.

Download DtWinVer - MajorGeeks