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Henry++ has released a new version of Simplewall, a simple tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) on your computer.

Simplewall 3.7.2

This is a maintenance release.

  • dropped windows 7 and windows 8 support
  • fixed launch of several copies of the application (issue  #1547)
  • fixed create filters for inaccessible apps (issue  #1528)
  • fixed displaying update dialog at startup (issue  #1511)
  • fixed retrieving version information for some files
  • fixed slow apps search (issue  #1477)
  • fixed periodicaly crashing (issue  #1486)
  • fixed retrieving some apps icons
  • fixed saving input on settings
  • fixed saving unused apps
  • fixed process creation
  • improved signature checking
  • updated project sdk

Release v.3.7.2 · henrypp/simplewall