Reviews 51973 Published by has posted a review on the Soltek SL-K8AN2E-GR nForce3 250GB Socket 754 Motherboard

Soltek has once again provided a superior budget solution for the Athlon64 platform with this motherboard. The implementation of working AGP/PCI locks is a major key to the success of this board and why it should be considered by the overclockers. Early BIOS or board revisions have shown maximum VCore for this board to be 1.55V. Our sample had VCore up to 1.7V which is another essential for overclocking. CPU multiplier adjustment options are also a plus to bump up the bus speed of the motherboard while keeping the CPU at a manageable/stable core speed. All these things make this a great board both for the overclocker and the budget minded consumer looking to make a break into the Athlon64 platform.
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