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XtremeResources is pleased to publish a guide by their member Kakaroto regarding the setup of TCCD memory on the DFI NF4 boards.

Why the need for such a guide? on several web logs there are a lot of people who upgraded their S754 platform to the new S939 with PCI Express. This is because the FX processor is not the only CPU utilizing the socket 939 platform. Most of these people want high HTT speeds to overclock their processor and memory so they buy Samsung TCCD or low latency memory like Winbond BH5/UTT. Recently G.Skill PC4400/4800 became the most talked about memory on the market together with OCZ PC4800 based on Samsung TCCD. This memory requires a high HTT speed for ultimate performance, so the system must be overclocked.
TCCD 600+ on the DFI Ultra+SLI - Guide