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Overclockers Australia has posted a PSU roundup

Today we're looking at thirteen power supply units, or PSUs, from various manufacturers. We don't have a particular criteria in mind, we've just been sent a few PSU's over the last little while and it's time to check them all out. As this is the first official PSU roundup on OCAU, we'll be exploring the nature of PSU testing a little as well.

I'll save you the standard rhetoric about PSUs being an under-rated (no pun intended) part of the PC. It's pretty clear from the explosion in "luxury" PSU availability over the last couple of years that many consumers do indeed feel the PSU requires some consideration before purchase. Whether they're considering stable power under load, or the quietest possible unit, or simply the one with the brightest LEDs, depends on the person in question. For this reason I hope to bring some products to your attention and compare their features and performance.
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